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This wine is a captivating depiction of 100 percent Palomino Fino aged under flor in the traditional system of maturation called Solera aging. After a very careful selection of Palomino grapes, Manzanilla “La Guita” is produced and aged following the traditional system of “Criaderas and Solera”.  Matured in Sanlúcar de Barrameda,
the gentle sea breeze helps to give it a very dry and crisp flavour.  It is aged under its “velo de flor” (natural yeast) and all the process is carefully controlled by the wine maker, who zealously cares for the good development of the wines and especially watches its “flor” to obtain the unique fragrance and bouquet of Manzanilla “La Guita”.  There is an ongoing dispute surrounding the name of this variety of Spanish Sherry. Manzanilla translates to chamomile in Spanish (in latin Chamomile means “earth apple”) so some people believe this style of sherry is named after apples as it tastes a little bit like the fruit. Some people believe that it tastes like chamomile tea. Other theories claim that the grape vine used at the beginning of the existence of this drink was called manzanilla and that the wines resemble those that came from the town of Manzanilla during the 15th century.

Tasting Notes

A dazzling lemon-gold in color, La Guita Manzanilla is clean and fresh on the nose displaying aromas of glazed fruit, wild herbs and toasted almonds. On the palate, it is light, yet persistent, mimicking the aromatic intensity of the nose onto the remarkable finish

Food Pairing

Manzanilla Sherry is best drunk when chilled to a temperature of 7-10°C, and goes particularly well with Spanish tapas such as olives, almonds, Manchego cheese, Jamón serrano or seafood..

Vineyard & Production Info
Vineyard name:
Vineyard size:
113 acres
Soil composition:
Albariza (lustrillo)
Training method:
Traditional "Vara y Pulgar"
198 feet
4.6 tons
Harvest time:
Bottles produced of this wine:
2,100,000.00 bottles
Winemaking & Aging
Varietal composition:
100% Palomino
Fermentation container:
Stainless steel tanks
Length of alcoholic fermentation:
7-10 days days
Fermentation temperature:
64 °F
Type of aging container:
Size of aging container:
Type of oak:
Length of aging before bottling:
4 years
Analytical Data
15.0 %
4.5 g/L

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