The family winemaking traditions of Château de Valmer date back to the end of the 19th century, with today's fourth and fifth generation members working meticulously to keep the passion alive. Château de Valmer Vouvray is a pure expression of Chenin Blanc, sourced from deep rooted vineyards atop the stony slopes of the Loire Valley. Fermented in glass-lined tanks, this Vouvray is kept in cement vats prior to bottling to retain freshness.

Tasting Notes

This Vouvray is a light golden color in appearance, with bright, enticing aromas of crisp golden apple and Anjou pear. The palate has just a hint of sweetness, with subtle mineral nuances on the finish.

Food Pairing

Château de Valmer Vouvray pairs wonderfully with fresh crab and lobster, spicy Indian curries and Tandoori as well as tangy goat cheese

Vineyard & Production Info
Vineyard name:
Château de Valmer
Vineyard size:
58 acres
Soil composition:
Stony slopes composed of micaceous chalk substrate
Year vineyard planted:
Harvest time:
Bottles produced of this wine:
Winemaking & Aging
Varietal composition:
100% Chenin blanc
Fermentation container:
Glass lined Tanks
Length of alcoholic fermentation:
12 days
Fermentation temperature:
59 °F
Type of aging container:
Cement vats