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Winery Overview

Giacomo Tachis, father of prestigious Italian wines such as Sassicaia, Tignanello, and Solaia, has been instrumental in placing Argiolas on the quality map. Like the Argiolas family, Tachis has a true passion for the island’s native varieties. In 2004, the Wine Advocate praised Argiolas for producing wines essential to those who wish to discover the essence of Sardinia wines and viticulture.

Location of Vineyard

Visitors have long been attracted to Sardinia’s wild beauty and natural energy, characterized in its sculpted red granite rocks and rugged cliffs, unspoiled beaches and fascinating stone relics. Located amid this breathtaking landscape, just north of Cagliari, is the Argiolas estate, widely known for its crisp, refreshing white wines and complex reds.

Winemaking Philosophy

The Argiolas family has worked diligently to become the leader in Sardinian oenology and insists on using mainly native Sardinian vines: Nuragus and Vermentino for white wines, and Cannonau, Monica, Carignano and Bovale Sardo for reds.